Flintheart here,


I’m making the rounds and decided to put in an update on our website. I’m currently with Keivamp, at the studios being the taskmaster. Making sure we get everything in and done with for us to send off to Sony. We have made a number a good changes, and a couple of step backs, but nothing that will keep up from releasing here in a few days. Most of what we have changed since I have been here has been to add to the game’s look and feel. If you have been following Keivamp, you will see some of the recent updates, on out instagram, or tiktok. We are just getting the final touches in, and we will have an update once we send it off to Sony. Lucky for us, there is not much else we can do right now, since we are currently surrounded by snow and ice, and not much in town regardless for us to be distracted by. But please feel free to check out the Videos posted to our instagram, and see how things are coming along. We hope you all will like and enjoy the game.


By the way, once we release the game. ALL updates and new cars, as well as tracks, ARE INCLUDED in this game. no Micro-transactions, no Game Passes. The only thing we may have is the fact you have to unlock content by playing the game, and earning in game money, or achievements to unlock specific cars or tracks. Unlocking new cities, also unlocks new tracks. This is also a fair warning, our AIs can be assholes. But they do not have any rubber banding, or catch up mechanics in the game. you crash, you have to catch up from where you crashed…. and they do also. nothing is going to help them out of they crash, they have to figure it out, just like you. So good luck.



so stay “OVER TOONED”

Flintheart, out…..