Okay the fun stuff here:

Esper Cat Studios has a plan for it’s game development schedule

  1. Over Tooned – a Racing game that is in production right now and set to release on the PlayStation 5
  2. A RTS that is currently in progress as well – Name is withheld until it is ready to show.
  3. A Mech styled TBS game to constructed after the RTS
  4. A RPG that will be constructed after the RTS as well as the RTS is the for runner of the RPG
  5. A possible MMO if the RPG game is received well by players.

We are leaving room in the development schedule for expansions and possible sequels of all the games.

Depending on success and funding levels we plan on hiring new developers, artist, 3d modelers and so forth to possibly create a wide array of games as we realize not different people enjoy different gaming experiences.

The plan is simple right now – Create two games in two different genres and expand from there.