Our Policy

Here at Esper Cat Studios we have our own beliefs and policies in place that we feel we be better for gamers.

First of all when you buy one of our games – that is it – you bought the game. No hidden transactions, no micro transactions, no DLC.

Any time we make an expansion for a game – you get that expansion for free. The only exception is if an expansion changes the game in such a way that it makes the game feel different from the original premise of the game then that expansion will be created as a new version of the game which will be have be purchased separately.

Because our games will have to be purchased we believe in giving the user’s their money’s worth. Every game will have secrets that will need to be discovered and most of the games will be repeatable to infinity.

What so we mean by Repeatable???

An example is Over Tooned – once you defeat the last race in the game the credits will role and then you get to reload the game – each time the game reloads after it has been defeated you start a new game with more money and the cars are more powerful – The AI’s also get smarter every time. So each time you beat the game the next game becomes more challenging.