We have made great progress for our flagship game for Esper Cat Studios. “Over Tooned” is working on the PS5 testing rig, which is a major boost for us. Keivamp, has been working his ass off getting this to look good, but to see it on an actual PS5, really gave him a boost of confidence in the project. There were some things that needed a little tweaking. But nothing that would cause any real delay in getting the game out within days. We are currently putting together the demo for the game. which will be available on the PS5 prior to the release of the game. As we have been putting this together this past year, we have been looking at other games that are of similar nature. As a player of games myself, there are things I find odd when looking at other more polished games. There are some game that after you have already paid 70-100 Dollars for the game, they still put what is basically a commercial in the game, as well as more content that costs even more, almost weekly in some cases. some games have so much stuff in front of the actual game, you may forget what you are trying to play after 20-30 minutes of pregame unnecessary show, that in some case have no actual relation to the theme of the game, other than to relate that things happened prior to this game. It many cases, it is something you cannot skip. Or if you do, you still have to side step a website link for some that might be related to the game, or not, and the only way to get out of it is to hit cancel in stead of accept. which makes some gamers think that you have to do something on the web, which is OUTSIDE of the game, just to play the game you have loaded up.

I’m going into it much more. but some games are so convoluted that you HAVE to take the tutorial that can last hours, just to have “fun”, without being able to skip it. In my opinion, games are meant for escaping the real world, to allow you mind to enjoy the scenery that some artist, and programmers took the time to put into this game you are set on playing. To be allowed to do what you want to have fun, and not be a chore in having to do specific things right away. I think it’s a generational thing. Outside of giving you the chance to change the button configuration if needed for righty or lefties, our instructions on the game are “Figure it out for yourself”. There are many games not that the level of difficulty is based on your imagination. you have to push the boundaries in order to find out what you can do. We do have a light description of the different modes. but many of the mode are self explanatory.

Race – against Ai’s

Timed – Beat your best time

Sunday mode – Drive like grandma, or like you stole it, your choice. Explore the city. all progress is saved when you exit this mode as well, including ducks collected.

(ducks are included in Sunday mode to give you something to help you progress in your game, in case you suck at racing, or the Ai’s are being difficult)


Our garage allows you to buy, and customize your cars, earning money from the races, time trials, and ducks you collected. No micro-transactions at all, for colors nor new cars that will be released later.

one thing about our game, when you buy the game, you get all further updates, including new tracks, cars, colors, everything. as long as it is the same title, it will be pushed to your game in an update, and you will have access.

There is only one thing that may be out of our hands, if we are asked to put in a multi player mode over playstation network, they may charge their monthly fee for the use of the connection. however I will ask Keivamp if we can put in a Lan access mode. That way more than one ps5 can been the same network (local) and play the game with others in the same room. We are planning on putting in a split screen for two player on the same screen, to allow local competition. but that will be in a future update.


I know we are excited about all this. I hope everyone else will enjoy our game. We are not putting out many other videos until after release. In order to keep some mystery of the game. There are surprises that we hope will add to the game. This game is meant to be fun, and challenging. The Ai’s are random in their difficulty, and they will be challenging at times. other times, they may be nothing but speed bumps.


Well, this is just an update. We will have more as we continue to finish off the game for release. As this is our first AAA game for Playstation 5, we do not have a timeline for release just yet. We will update as we get information from Sony.


Thank you to everyone for their support, and feedback. I will probably put together a few more videos on the various old versions we have gone through, before settling on the look and feel we have now. after release we will be accepting suggestions on thing to put into he game, after release. We have a few new modes in mind. However, I will say this. We do not plan to have a battle mode at all. We are not trying to make our game like others. We want ours to stand out on its own. with your help and support, I’m sure it will.


Thank you for your time